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    Hi! I'm Traci. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I have a photography blog that shares the work I do for clients. This blog is for my other creative side. The side that goes weak at the knees over fabric, adores anything crafty, and gets cranky without some sewing machine time!

    I great big puffy heart *love* comments, so please let me know you visited! I try to always reply!

don’t get excited

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  This isn’t going to inspire anyone, but I put this quilt together for Will’s kindergarten teacher.  Sashed with red and backed with a navy, it’s got pictures drawn by each of the members of her class.  Of course I imagine a kindergarten teacher wants more kid art like she wants a hole in the head (Nic, the son of a second grade teacher and therefore a believer that the only thing you should ever give a teacher is a gift card, said when I showed this to him “at least it folds up small”), but my thought is that everyone can always use a blanket, even if they only bring it out for picnics. :P

For anyone taking on a project like this, I would recommend becoming completely in charge of the project so you can make sure high quality fabrics are used and that the marker colors coordinate with the fabric you have in mind.  My original plan had to be adjusted–a couple of ideas that I think would blend easier into a teacher’s home would be to have the kids decorate the center of what would become modern log cabin blocks or use 5″ squares and create a patchwork quilt with just a few art squares and a lot of fabric squares.  I actually plan on doing the latter soon with Will’s drawings–he’s been excited about the thought of a quilt with only HIS drawings.

Also, yes, my kid really is a stand out cutie in a sea of blurry heads.  ;P

Moogie - It’s really nice, and I KNOW she will absolutely adore it. But That Nic sure is funny!

Jennifer - Beautiful! I can only imagine how hard it would be to work with other people on something like that. Phew!

Loving that kid in the front row with his flip flop twisted up like that! Only childhood…

Lynette - This is AWESOME. There is no way she didn’t just love it immensely. :)

flannel sprout

I made this cute hooded flannel Sprout dress for my goddaughter.  I can’t wait to see her rocking it with some tights next year!

di - Wow, what a cute cute dress and pattern! Would you be willing to lend the pattern? Thanks.

Traci - Thanks for the note! Unfortunately I only feel comfortable swapping patterns with local friends, but I believe you can find this one on etsy or I think I’ve seen it at fabricworm. I actually got it on sale for around $4, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for sales!.

Stacy - Has she tried this dress on yet? How does it fit? I made this dress for my daughter who is in the 18% for head circumstance, and it won’t fit over her head! Soooo frustrating.

two more outfits from the retreat

I’m late blogging these–I took these pictures right before we all came down with Super Virus 2012.

I love the way this one came together.  It’s still a bit big on her, but should fit well late this summer.

And another sandpiper top from the remaining fabric–I love that pattern!!!!

katie - oh my gosh, so cute! I loved making clothes for my daughter when she was little! I miss those days!

another retro dress

Here’s another of the dresses I made for Ellie at our guild retreat in February.  A pattern from the 60s.  This one was a bit of a disaster–when I cut it out I was like “why are there two pieces for the back?  That’s dumb–I’ll just cut one and save myself sewing the seam.”   Speaking of dumb?  Cutting just one piece for the back leaving no room for a zipper (and not having a zipper and not realizing any of this until the dress was constructed and you’ve got no room to stick a kid’s head through the neck).  I figured a little bias tape and a button would roughly solve the problem, maybe not in a ‘you’ll wear this dress to church’ way but in a ‘good enough for the backyard’ kind of way.  And it did.

Melissa McQ - I love it. Had a similar issue with a dress I made for my toddler last week. The pattern came with 2 options, I opted for the easier one (sans button) and it didn’t fit over her head….grrrr!

a quilt for baby xander

My friend Asia is having a baby boy any day now, so I made this quilt to be there to welcome him into the world!  It’s made from a Sweetwater Reunion charm pack, backed with a DS Quilts print, and bound with a Moda marble that I pulled out from the depths of my stash that happened to match the green in Reunion perfectly!   It’s the perfect size for a stroller/toss-on-the-kitchen floor playmat blanket.

Here it is in all its pre-washed and post-washed glory!  (And look at me being all good and grown-up and putting a label on it and everything like a good girl!)

A.J. Dub (Amy) - I love it! Simple and sweet. :)

Rene' Sharp - This is so gorgeous, what a lovely gift!!

Melissa McQ - I just found your blog a few days ago and I love it. It’s my favorite sewing blog ever. I’ve been sitting in bed at night on my ipad going through page after page of old entries so I don’t miss a thing! I “big puffy heart” love your blog as much as you “big puffy heart” love comments :-)

Suzanne - Rachel sent me over to look at your twirly skirt tutorial and I have happily fallen down the rabbit hole of your blog. I love the baby quilt and the grid quilting.