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    Hi! I'm Traci. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I have a photography blog that shares the work I do for clients. This blog is for my other creative side. The side that goes weak at the knees over fabric, adores anything crafty, and gets cranky without some sewing machine time!

    I great big puffy heart *love* comments, so please let me know you visited! I try to always reply!

urban hoodie pattern tester

I was able to be a pattern tester for the new version of Heidi and Finn’s Urban Hoodie pattern!

It is a great easy pattern–something you could finish in an evening (particularly if you cut the pattern ahead of time).  I’d recommend it for beginners with knits (of which I am)–I lined it with a quilting weight cotton instead of another knit and I think that helped me since it stabilized the knit.  I didn’t have any trouble at all and am so excited to have made a garment for Will that he can wear for something other than bed–I’d given up on the idea of making him clothes since it’s so hard to find great patterns for big boys!  Do check the sizing measurements before cutting–this 8 won’t last on Will long in the sleeve length and torso, so if you have a boy on the biggish side, you’ll likely need to go up at least a size on this unisex pattern.

Fran Cooper - This is great! And that model is incredibly handsome!

because I never could resist a bandwagon…

That’s right!  The weekender is on my to do list!  So far I’m only on the quilt-as-you-go panels and so it’s been a jolly stroll in the park.  I know there’s danger ahead though!

There’s been a lot of this this week:

So I’ve had more time for this:

And before I forget, here are the cutey Valentines we sent off to family last week:

(Photoshop friendly templates purchased from etsy.)

Sherry - I love the fabrics in your Weekender. I really want to make one, but it is the dangers ahead part that scares me. Can not wait to see it all done!

Norine - Ha! I just bought the Weekender pattern this week! I’ve yet to start though; I need to do a supply inventory first.

the case of the unblogged quilt

I made this one last year and never got around to blogging it.  A simple patchwork tied quilt with a fleece back.

And another little project–a gift for a friend’s little boy.  A coloring book tote.

Alli - Oh, that funny face crayon pocket is hilarious! I love it! :D

Carolyn - stumbled onto your blog via Pinterest. Lovely quilts!!!

2013’s first finished quilt

I hinted at this trip around the world quilt way back last summer and had the top done for MONTHS before knocking this thing out.  I am in love with my orange gamble of a binding.  My mom and I hand sewed this binding on in one evening (while watching Homeland) because when you come to see me, if you have any sewing skills, I put you to work like a sweatshop employee.  And I pay even worse.  (Although I do let you drink wine and watch Homeland while you work.)


The fabric is from one of the DS Quilts lines–long live Joann’s 50% off coupons!

Sew Create It - Jane - Looks fantastic and the colours are so soft! Good job!!

Kelly - LOVE LOVE LOVE it. :)
It looks great. I especially love the orange on the binding. It’s the perfect pop!

Susie - I really like colors on this, Traci!! So inspired I might have to try this kind, too ;) great job!


This weekend was my favorite 48 hour period of the year: my guild’s retreat.

Deciding what to work on is the hardest part.  So many fun projects, so little time.  I prioritized a brand new project I’d been dreaming of–joining the Scrappy Trip trend.  I thought it would be the coolest thing in the world out of Chicopee with the strip down the center unifying it.  I went back and forth on what that color would be (black, orange, green, or purple) and then quickly settled on black after arriving at the retreat and getting some fellow quilter opinions.

The blocks were tons of fun to make.  Because I had the center stripe nailed down I didn’t get to/have to play around with the placement, so they went together very quickly.  I spent Friday night and Saturday cranking out 36 blocks.

I laid them out at 11:00 and thought “I’m going to be in bed by midnight with this quilt top all done and dusted!”


Here’s me at 1am trying to off myself with a seam ripper.  (Note the radtastic dj style headphones because I forgot my iphone headphones but had the ones I use when I study German handy.)  Ironing each 6 block strip caused a certain amount of distortion and while some of the 12″ blocks went together easily, others were an absolute beast.  This photo was taken shortly before I discovered that one of the blocks had a bunch of switched around strips that broke the rules of its internal logic.  It’s a good thing the booze flowed as freely as the cursing.

I crawled into bed shortly after 2am so glad that it was pieced together.  Here it is all together the next morning…

With one quilt top finished, Sunday was open to any project.  Decisions, decisions!  After the muted colors of Chicopee I decided to go for something different and pulled out the Children at Play strip quilt my mom and I started while she was visiting.  With the strips already cut and many sewn together I was able to put this together and ran out of fabric before it was time to pack up and go home.  It is 80″ wide and about 2/3 completed.

It’s back to real life now.  But maybe I’ll be able to sneak some time to finish this pink beast off before February turns into March!


randi - Wow! You were very productive! Both quilts look great!

Sew Create It - Jane - Your scrappy trip looks amazing! Well done for pushing through and getting it pieced. :o)

erica - Those are GORGEOUS. What a fun get away!

Jess - Lovely finish! I just finished up my scrappy trip quilt and started a quilt with Chicopee :) It’s a great collection. I love what you’ve done with the Sarah Jane fabrics. I adore her collections.

Beccy - It was lovely meeting you this weekend! I love the way yout chicopee quilt turned out! :o). I got my top finished and Abby showed my husband how to help me sandwich my quilts so I should have it done soon! Yay for an awesome sewing weekend!

dispack - I love both your tops here. Chicopee is so lovely! I’m just discovering it. You don’t have any scraps you’d like to get rid of, do you? :)