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    Hi! I'm Traci. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I have a photography blog that shares the work I do for clients. This blog is for my other creative side. The side that goes weak at the knees over fabric, adores anything crafty, and gets cranky without some sewing machine time!

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save me from myself

I have officially joined the ranks of the crazy people.  I am actually giving serious thought to ripping off a quilt’s binding, making new continuous bias binding, and sewing it on again.  I think this might be unnecessary.  Help me decide.

Here’s the deal–with this quilt I thought the purple binding was a no-brainer.  I like contrasting fun bright binding to frame a quilt.  I love it.  I thought the purple was the winner–I didn’t even audition in.  I made the binding, sewed it on…and started to have doubts.  It was blending, not popping.  Pulling out the body of the quilt when what should be the highlight–the crosses that give structure to it.   I started the hand stitching last night with doubts growing.  When I went to bed last night I was kicking myself for not using a navy binding.  This morning I woke up resolute to rip it all out and start again.

But when I got out my camera to show this purple fail I was able to see that maybe its tiny 1/4″ around the edge really doesn’t matter that much?   Thoughts.

kelly - I like it. (and I’m not a fan of purple at all!)
But if it’s going to cause you to not like this quilt every time you see it, I’d redo it. I’m pretty sure I could talk myself into liking it though. Rebinding is a LOT of work! :) IT’S BEAUTIFUL!

Danielle - I agree with Kelly –
I know I am my own worst critic and redo things that no one else would ever notice …
I say choose to love the purple.

Erik - Terrible quilt. Send it to me in Seattle immediately, I will take care of it.

dispack - I love it, please don’t change it, the purple is great, seriously! You’ve done a good job on the whole quilt.

Sew Create It - Jane - It’s a brilliant looking quilt and I’m sure in the grand scheme of things purple or navy won’t make a shred of difference, UNLESS of course every time you look at it it is screaming I SHOULD BE NAVY :o) Navy would frame it nicely.

Jane S. - I love it — I mean come on, it’s PURPLE!!!

Seriously though, if it is going to be the only thing you see when you look at that quilt, then do change it. Otherwise it will always feel like a regret, and nobody needs that, now do we? :)

Kate - I really like the purple…it’s quite whimsical and a little unexpected, which I think is nice. :)

Speattle - If it really bugs you then you could maybe just do a navy binding OVER the purple? That way you would not have to rip it off.

But I happen to think it is a lovely quilt just as it is.

Speattle - And don’t forget: Dawgs love PURPLE!

Fuffi - I think Eric wins.

Sherry - I like the purple as well. Maybe live with it a little bit before pulling it all out. If navy if in your heart you should or you might not love the beautiful quilt as you should. I do think a navy would blend even more, so I would stick with the purple, if it were me. Beautiful quilt either way!

My children at play quilt is done!

I am able to check off my first of my 2013 goals–my boy Children at Play quilt (and my second finished quilt of 2013) is done!  It began as a handful of meant-to-be-log-cabin blocks and grew to this improved monstrosity.  It would have been finished earlier, but finding binding fabric ended up being quite the quest.  I wanted to use the orange polka dot fabric.  I tracked it down on Etsy, hit ‘buy’…and several days later I had an apologetic email from the seller that she was actually out of the fabric, but she had the flannel version.  No dice.  Back to the drawing board.  t was very hard to find, but eventually I tracked it down again, ordered it, and then waited a ridiculously long time for the package.  It arrived, I ripped it open…and it was flannel.  ARGH.  Back to the drawing board.  (And by drawing board I’m pretty sure we all know I mean ‘google.’)  I looked and looked and looked, but it was nowhere.  I decided that okay, the orange with the white flowers would be a good substitute.  It arrived after another unusually long wait.  I ripped open the package, ran to get the quilt, and then went “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!  FLOWERS?!  REALLY?!”  At this point I made a very big sigh and looked at my on hand options, as I’d now spent way too much time and money on the binding to use anything other than what I had in front of me.  I could hobble together my few scraps and do a scrappy binding or I could go with this yellow that had made the occasional appearance in the patchwork.  Though it wasn’t the orange my heart desired, I sucked it up.  I saved the hand sewing for ‘date night Tuesdays’–an idea Nic instituted a couple of weeks ago (our weekly night to sit together on the sofa watching television–right now we’re watching House of Cards which we quickly discovered was an incredibly weird date night choice, but we were too hooked to change to something else).  I even put a label on it (which I have promised myself I will be better about)!

(This is a BIG quilt–my six foot tall husband is holding it as high as he could to keep it out of the snow in these shots!)

Sherry - Beautiful job! That is one of my favorite lines for a while now.

Sew Create It - Jane - It’s gorgeous…and the binding works! You sure had to wait to get this beauty finished.

We’ve been watching House of Cards too…it’s strangly compelling even though I’m not quite sure what is actually going on half the time :o)

Jenny - I love it! I also ordered some CAP and it showed up flannel, argh. I think the yellow binding looks lovely. I don’t think you absolutely *couldn’t* use the flowers, but if you didn’t want to, it’s good you thought of it before you did it. I did a CAP quilt and realized something stupid AFTER I’d finished the whole thing and really couldn’t fix it. :(

Jenny - Sorry that comment is such a mess. It really is incomprehensible.

urban hoodie pattern tester

I was able to be a pattern tester for the new version of Heidi and Finn’s Urban Hoodie pattern!

It is a great easy pattern–something you could finish in an evening (particularly if you cut the pattern ahead of time).  I’d recommend it for beginners with knits (of which I am)–I lined it with a quilting weight cotton instead of another knit and I think that helped me since it stabilized the knit.  I didn’t have any trouble at all and am so excited to have made a garment for Will that he can wear for something other than bed–I’d given up on the idea of making him clothes since it’s so hard to find great patterns for big boys!  Do check the sizing measurements before cutting–this 8 won’t last on Will long in the sleeve length and torso, so if you have a boy on the biggish side, you’ll likely need to go up at least a size on this unisex pattern.

Fran Cooper - This is great! And that model is incredibly handsome!

because I never could resist a bandwagon…

That’s right!  The weekender is on my to do list!  So far I’m only on the quilt-as-you-go panels and so it’s been a jolly stroll in the park.  I know there’s danger ahead though!

There’s been a lot of this this week:

So I’ve had more time for this:

And before I forget, here are the cutey Valentines we sent off to family last week:

(Photoshop friendly templates purchased from etsy.)

Sherry - I love the fabrics in your Weekender. I really want to make one, but it is the dangers ahead part that scares me. Can not wait to see it all done!

Norine - Ha! I just bought the Weekender pattern this week! I’ve yet to start though; I need to do a supply inventory first.

the case of the unblogged quilt

I made this one last year and never got around to blogging it.  A simple patchwork tied quilt with a fleece back.

And another little project–a gift for a friend’s little boy.  A coloring book tote.

Alli - Oh, that funny face crayon pocket is hilarious! I love it! :D

Carolyn - stumbled onto your blog via Pinterest. Lovely quilts!!!