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    Hi! I'm Traci. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I have a photography blog that shares the work I do for clients. This blog is for my other creative side. The side that goes weak at the knees over fabric, adores anything crafty, and gets cranky without some sewing machine time!

    I great big puffy heart *love* comments, so please let me know you visited! I try to always reply!

after taking on the y seams…

Another peek at my Pillow Talk Swap pillow front. The Y seams just about killed me, but now that I have a couple of days distance, I think they were worth it!

(Tip:  I was a little nervous about doing such difficult piecing with linen, so I starched it until it resembled a french fry and it behaved just as well as a normal quilting cotton after that.)

nicke - my gracious! that is stunning traci! i need to make one of these for myself.

alexis - gorgeous!

Nicci P - Beautiful…it looks perfect!

Tania - Hi Traci, I think it is absolutely gorgeous, and your colours are divine, really beautiful xx

Fran - Wow! Just gorgeous! I could NEVER make one of those! Amazing!

A.J. Dub - WOW! I mean WOW! SO very gorgeous! Y seams!!! Yikes! Great job!

Jacey - Seriously? I love this to bits. I really want to try it for myself.

Audrey - It is beautiful! I love the description of the french fry fabric, too.:)

Alli - It’s beeyoooootiful!

Natalie J - I’m so impressed! Beautiful work. I aspire to be as accomplished one day! :)

Jenniffier - Wow. That is just wonderful.

Peggyann - Simply stunning. I have ever liked stars before. Until now.

I will be working with linen, for the first time….a double wedding ring, all hand pieced. For my daughters wedding in June.

Looking for any hints working with linen, did you pre-wash?

a little lone star action

Chugging away at my partner’s pillow for Pillow Talk Swap 6!

I’m using the Little Lone Star Quilts book paper piecing templates, a book I found at our local library! :)

Audrey - I love the colors you are using, and it is looking beautiful! I have always wanted to do a lone star quilt.:)

Adrianne (Little Bluebell) - Eeek! So pretty!!!

Jacey - Lone Stars are so beautiful, and the fabrics you’ve chosen look amazing so far!

Alli - O_o How tiny are those squares? It looks great!

nicke - it is beautiful!!!

Kristie at OCD - wow-y. looks spectacular :)

children at play twirly skirt

I have loved the green floral print from Children at Play since I first saw a little thumbnail of it!  While Ellie will get plenty of Children at Play dresses, I knew this print was for me. :)

I used my twirly skirt tutorial for this one (thought it was so windy today that it looks a little different than normal in the picture, it’s the same skirt–I swear!)

I wore it to a BBQ tonight and was very happy to get a chance to wear it before it likely hits the back of my closet until next spring!  Fall is coming!!

Adrianne (Little Bluebell) - Super cute!!!! I love that print too. It looks great as a skirt.

Vanilla - What a lovely skirt!!!! Love the way the fabric falls so supply!!!
I posted your tutorial in my Great Tutorials page!
Thanks for sharing.

WIP: wonky crosses, joel dewberry style

I bought a few fat quarters on the new Joel Dewberry heritage line on complete impulse.  I think it’s because I didn’t covet them for long before their release (and am really not even sure that I love them now) that I hacked into them so quickly.  I want to sew something with them quickly before I decide that I hate them. :P  Sort of like how I made my It’s A Hoot quilt because I was worried that I was starting not to love it anymore.

I settled on a wonky cross pattern for them, thinking it would show off the large prints and also give me a chance to try a quilt pattern I’ve long admired.  I wanted something really blendy and think this does the trick.

I’m working in groups of 4–I managed to get 4 8.5″ squares from each fat quarter, so I organized them into 4 groups so that I can strip piece them without getting confused.  I’m a little worried that I’ll need a few more fat quarters to get to a decent lap size, but I think a more immediate concern is that I don’t think I have enough strips for the crosses.  My plan for the strips is to add in some coordinating solids if need be (and if the quilt turns out a little on the small side I’ll grab a couple more fat quarters).

My first group of the 4 is done, and I managed to do it in just a couple of hours last night, so I hope to get the other 3 done relatively quickly.  We joined a gym two weeks ago and working out and enjoying the pool is consuming a bunch of my free time–all this getting healthy is really cutting into my sewing time! :P

Victoria Paige - Looks fun! I spent the day in the pool and out back with my family today. No sewing here!

summer’s end quilt

This quilt has been in the works for a while, and in my head I’d deemed it our ‘end of summer/early fall’ quilt.  It’s primarily made from a charm pack of American Jane Happy Campers, and I will allow myself the disclaimer that this isn’t my first choice for binding.  But it’s leftover from a skirt I made earlier this summer, and I like the thriftiness of quilting with clothing fabric scraps!

Have I mentioned that my kids are a little blanket crazy?  Ellie in particular.  She can’t see a quilt without asking to be wrapped up in it.  She loves them.  She’s forever going into the studio and pointing at one in the stack and demanding that I drag it out for her.  So when Will and Ellie saw me taking a new quilt out of the dryer, they both got so excited I thought God special ordered these two blanket lovers just for me.  “It’s really beautiful, Mom–does it make a pattern?” (he looks it over) “Nope–it doesn’t make a pattern.  But I still really like it.  Can I sit with it on the sofa?”  (Meanwhile Ellie is just pointing at it and shouting and trying to grab it away from us.)

On the back I got to use up every last square (impressive since I made this without any plan whatsoever–just hacked up a bunch of coordinating 5″ solids and started sewing).  I went with the color of dirt for the solid, since I picture this getting lots of outdoor time.

My original plan for the quilting had been to do something to mirror the plaid print–a plaid sort of quilting pattern.  Except some of us have a tendency to drink wine at night while we quilt and I completely forgot about this plan and just started quilting it at regular intervals.  So I decided to rock and roll with the new direction and thought I’d just cross each block diagonally, but after finishing all of the lines going in one direction I figured that was good enough (again with the wine’s influence, probably).

I finished it unintentionally on the very last day of August, which I think suits this Summer’s End quilt perfectly!

Beth Moore - Aww, I love that your kids show such love and appreciation for your creations! That is truly a gift. Completely unrelated, whenever I see your blog in my feed, I sing the New York Voices rendition of “Stolen Moments” in my head.

Kerstin - So very nice! I love the combination of solids and patterned fabric. And that feeling with the kids is wonderful. I get that whenever I make some clothes for my little ones and they get excited and want to wear it.

beth lehman - It’s a great quilt – I love simple patchwork. I had to comment b/c I love what you said about you kids loving your quilts – mine are the same way and I just started making for them – my 11 yo first and her birthday is tomorrow. She helped me pick fabrics and pattern but hasn’t seen it for about a week…. Also – NEVER underestimate the influence of wine!! HAH!!

nicke - love the simple patchwork quilt. they always make me happy and i am so happy your kids loved it so much.

Kristie at OCD - I love a simple square quilt, and have vowed to make more of them. Classic and in my opinion, they are always so cozy looking. This one fits the bill! Great job.

Kate - I love it! I just told Brett that I need to make a picnic/concert quilt for next summer…I think patchwork will be the way to go. Hope to see you next week!

Susie - This is really a wonderful quilt, love the colors you chose here, Traci. And the story of your kids loving your blankets, too :)