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fancy pants kitchen towels


Another long-time-coming kitchen project crossed off the list!  I used this tutorial for making some kitchen towels to tie to the oven–I’m pretty sure the white towels I used were even the exact ones from the tutorial (bar mop towels from Target).

While I love the look of this one, I realized that it wasn’t very practical–when I wipe my hands I want lots of nice nubby towel fabric–I don’t want to be hitting quilting cotton, so for the rest of the towels I only embellished the top portion of the towel, leaving plenty of hand-drying room below.

(Isn’t it nice that I have such crappy appliances and cupboards to really ‘sell’ the retro feel? ;))

We’ve been pretty hobo when it comes to towels for a good long while–all too often using old cloth diapers from Will’s baby days (the same towels/rags/cloth diapers that I use as pot holders).  But now we’ll have pretty towels all tied to the oven, and even better, I was inspired by my efforts to improve the kitchen and I organized our ‘linen cupboard’ and bought a little box for Ellie’s bibs and a box for our towels and now we’ll actually be able to find and use the appropriate tool for the job.  (It’s a little bit of a miracle after 5 years of tossing them all in a jumbled mess and never being able to find anything.)

In my organizing I came across two old nursing covers, and since we’re done with babies and it was tough to decide what to do with them…and then I realized that I could use quilting for what it was actually designed as–re-purposing fabric!  I cut the straps and metal rings off the covers and tossed them into my scrap container, and felt oh-so-wholesome about doing so!

Beth Moore - I love you!!!!!!!! I am beyond THRILLED that you just posted this! We are doing a little kitchen freshen up soon, and these towels are just what I was looking for to make to coordinate with the curtains I want to make. Squee!

Susanne - I think we have the same landlord…

Audrey - These turned out great! I am bookmarking that tutorial to use in the future. I should reuse my wrap, too. I hadn’t even thought about it until you mentioned it.

A.J. Dub - Awesome! The towels are great. I have been intending to use that Tute for a while, and they keep getting moved to the back burner.
Way to go with the reuse! I have one of those around somewhere… hmm.

Jill O'Hanlon - I found your blog through pinterest and just LOVE these towel. They would make the perfect birthday gift for a friend or family member. I’m totally going to do this. So glad I found your blog; I’ll stop by regularly for some inspiration! :-)

Dolores Gardino - I love these towels. I would love the tutorial on how to make.

Meg - I love this! And I have the teal towels in the tutorial. What a fun gift idea. I may make some for my kitchen! Thanks!

Nichole L. - I found this post through Pinterest. I love this idea! I have very limited sewing skills so hopefully I can pull this off!

Sarah M. - I have not joined the “Pinterest Nation” but saw your idea there. I absolutely ADORE this idea. It is a little frills, a little practical. My biggest complaint is that my towels always fall off. Yay for great ideas! Thank you for sharing! ☺

gerrilyn - Where did you get the striped ribbon you used on the aqua towels?

Sandra Sanders - I love you too!! These make me so happy – haven’t tried to make any since I’m not sure where to start, but love them even if I have to look at them from “afar.”

Danielle - Great idea! I took your idea and ran with it. I gave you a shout out at Thanks for the great idea!

Dani Marie - I just wanted to let you know I included this in my 2011 Ultimate DIY Gift Guide (101 tutorials/recipes)! :)

Lisa - Great instructions thanks!

Sarah L. - Love this! Thanks for sharing- your finished products are to die for!

Barbara Cieslak - I’m just getting started with all these crafty ideas. I love them.

Karen - I love these towels! I hate when regular towels slide off the oven or dishwasher door. I have bought the ones made with potholder tops, but can never find any that really go with my kitchen. Now I can make my own. I found you on Pinterest – I’m addicted to it! Thanks for sharing.

Jewell Hall - Love the kitchen towels!

Jane Koble - Thanks for this idea! My new year’s resolution was to learn to sew using my grandmother’s sewing machine. She would love that I’m making this (when I get skilled enough to get there…) and can combine her love of sewing and her love of cooking (and getting the kitchen messy!)

Karen C - Great step by step directions.

Nancy Willison - I am so excited to make these. I have very young kids that think towels NEVER belong on the rack. I am going to make these for friends too. Thanks for your creative ways!

Jeanne Peters - Love your website. Helps spark my imagination all over again. Thanks.

Ramona Hogsett - I would love to try to make one of your oven towels. Could you please send me the instructions, so I can try one.

Traci - Ramona, the tutorial is linked several times at the top of this post. Enjoy!

Valerie - These are gorgeous-well done! I have the same stove and cupboards as you. :D

Lynda R - You have GREAT appliances and cupboards. You made them beautiful..


Jen - They would make GREAT window treatments too!

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog - I really love this idea! I am moving into a new place soon so I will keep this pinned and will probably use it on my towels once I’ve moved in! Thanks for sharing this idea!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Kathy - You MIGHT have “crappy appliances and cupboard”…but is that a Le Creuset pot I spy on the stove?

LOVE this idea for the towels!!! I’m going to have to try it and make some for my sisters. They’ll love it too.
Thank You!!!

Heather - Wow, such a great idea! I can never get my children to keep the towel on the handle of the oven. This will help for sure! Plus, I love how you just put a small strip of cotton on the towel, smart!

Traci - Yep–the Le Creuset pot shows the difference between me and my landlord. I buy quality and beauty, he buys cheap and ugly! :P

Linda Bryan - Just love it! Practical as you can be! They stay on the oven door in reach! The bows just make it! Are the ribbons made of grosgrain? Thanks.

Crystal Lear - Love all of this!! Great job

barbara - What a clever idea. Thank you for sharing with us. I certainly will make some of these for home and gifts.

Mary - I love your version of the stay-put kitchen towel! Your fabric choices are right on, and the ric-rac is a nice touch.

Janey Backer - This is the best! I am going to make a stash to give as gifts to my sisters and the kids’ teachers. I love practical and pretty gifts!

Kitchen towels – brilliant | - […] Source: […]

Esther - This is so cute!!! Love these towels

Barbara - My daughter just made me some of these for Mothers Day. I absolutely love them!

Jenn - I love love LOVE this idea!! I hate how my towel always fall off the stove! I would have never come up with this on my own glad I saw this on Pinterest!!

Rebecca Owen - This is so cute! Visiting via pinterest via Maui. :)

Mary - Great idea! My kitchen towels slide off all the time. The handles are smooth and they fall on the floor all the time…like all day long! LOL!

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