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    Hi! I'm Traci. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I have a photography blog that shares the work I do for clients. This blog is for my other creative side. The side that goes weak at the knees over fabric, adores anything crafty, and gets cranky without some sewing machine time!

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the beginnings of a dollhouse pillow

If you follow my pinterest boards, you’ll know that I’ve been a tad bit dollhouse obsessed lately.  This dollhouse pillow, in particular, immediately caught my eye.  I knew I wanted to make one!  Since Children at Play didn’t arrive in time to the be the star of Ellie’s quiet book, I figured I would instead play with it in a dollhouse pillow!  This weekend I play around with making the front of the house and the inhabitant.  The doll is based off the illustrated dolls in the Children at Play prints.

If I can stay on schedule, I hope to get this finished up in the next week or two!

Kristy - Hopeful Threads - That is darling!!! Love this fabric line too!!!

Fran - Do you have small children working in a sweat shop sewing for you? It’s illegal, you know! That’s the only explanation I can come up with to understand how you can produce so much!!! I was CLEARLY too busy keeping up with Erica Kane’s daily exploits! You are amazing–and this is just adorable. XX000!

KathyH - AAAAAHHH! That is so stinkin cute! Love it!

Megan - That is so cute! It’s a great way to save on space if your own house is too small to have a dollhouse in it. Haha. What beautiful stitching on the doll.

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