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    Hi! I'm Traci. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I have a photography blog that shares the work I do for clients. This blog is for my other creative side. The side that goes weak at the knees over fabric, adores anything crafty, and gets cranky without some sewing machine time!

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Monthly Archives: December 2010

bring it on, 2011. bring. it. on.

2010 was a fantastic year.  It had its ups (Ellie’s birth), its downs (when Nic totaled the Jeep two days before Christmas) and lots of working and sewing in between.  It was a great crafting year for me–in January I spent a lot of time knitting baby items for Ellie, spent the spring working on […]

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wip: sherbet pips quilt blocks 4 and 5

Can I just say that I love having two?  They played in the play room so long this morning that I got two more blocks done before lunch! I am going to be good and finish up the last apron and Christmas gift (yes–I still have one Christmas gift to go) but these are SOOOOO […]

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WIP: sherbet pips quilt

Last night after everyone went to sleep I spent some quality time downstairs with hulu plus and my sherbet pips stack! After I made the second block (the doggie one below) I went back to redo the first block.  I wasn’t a big fan of it when I finished it, and I realized I wanted […]

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a day in the life apron revisited (sorry)

Are you crazy tired of aprons yet?  Sorry.  Just one more to go after this one, I promise! I liked the last one so much I had to make one for me.  Since I know it will get a lot of use, I added top stitching.  I like that I took an ‘apron in one […]

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monkey pajamas

I made a set of sock monkey pajamas for a little girl who will be celebrating her birthday this week.  I don’t know how I used to whip out these pajama pants in 10 minutes, though–they take me a solid hour now!  I loved this sock monkey fabric, and this is actually from the first […]

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