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    Hi! I'm Traci. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I have a photography blog that shares the work I do for clients. This blog is for my other creative side. The side that goes weak at the knees over fabric, adores anything crafty, and gets cranky without some sewing machine time!

    I great big puffy heart *love* comments, so please let me know you visited! I try to always reply!

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a kitchen-y gift

It’s been a while, but I can say that I’ve been sewing up a storm!  Since my last post I’ve completed two quilts, 5 (!!) Jedi costumes, and a bunch of little swap-y/bee/gift items. This one is an oldie but a goodie–it went out as a thank you to my friend Lisa (who sells the […]

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a little break

I’m going to take a little internet break this week.  Feeling a little down, so I’m going to unplug for a while.    Here’s a peek at my apron for my spice up the kitchen swap partner.

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the last of the aprons (for now)

I have a bunch of projects from late last week to share.  We’ve had a bit of a whopper of a month.  In addition to Nic’s concussion after falling down the stairs, I dropped my camera and lens down a set of stairs and broke the lens in half, Nic totaled his Jeep two days […]

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a day in the life apron revisited (sorry)

Are you crazy tired of aprons yet?  Sorry.  Just one more to go after this one, I promise! I liked the last one so much I had to make one for me.  Since I know it will get a lot of use, I added top stitching.  I like that I took an ‘apron in one […]

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